Workin' and... whatever comes next.... has finally been redesigned. In terms of content, not much has actually changed. Just a slight update of my resume, and a few text edits that I caught…. I’m sure there are more that should be changed….

I actually started making changes to the layout while I was still in Santa Barbara, but I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I actually liked the initial layout well enough, but I wanted to remove the basic structure of it from relying on tables. I guess you could say that’s my new pet-peeve with doing my layouts—I like the idea of doing positioning with CSS as much as I can. My resume is still presented in a table, but I imagine it would be quite a bit of work to convert it to CSS.

So, now that I’ve completed that redesign, I think it’s about time that I tackle the monster of my main website. There are a few pages that are totally unnecessary now (like the “Current Downloads” page) and there is also a lot that can be cleaned up in the code now that I am better educated about using html and CSS.

My first move has been detaching all the pages from the old template, removing all the html head stuff, and basically just saving the body of the pages. I’ve also been going through and removing all inline html font specific tags, since they will all be taken care of with CSS. Once I’m done with that, I guess I’ll work on designing a new homepage and a new standard page template, and then plug all those pages back into that template.

Fun times…. As if I didn’t have enough to do with going to school online and working too….

But surprisingly, doing this is one of the things that helps me clear my mind.

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