Wed. Jan 17 - Mysore

The main attractions in Mysore for us were the palace and the market. The last time that Amy and I went to Mysore, we didn’t get a chance to visit the palace, and from what everyone had told us, it was something that we had to see at some point. Overall, palaces aren’t totally my thing, but it is always interesting to see how people lived at a certain period in time. The residence was also pretty interesting, especially the displays of what the maharaja collected….

I was more interested in the painted cows. I’m guessing it was something for Pongal…. For some reason, the white parts of almost all the cows here were painted a bright yellow. For the cows that were mostly white, that obviously looked quite strange….

We had dinner in a palace converted to a hotel that night, and went back to our hotel to make sure we had everything packed for our early morning drive to Bangalore from where we would be flying to Mumbai.

Of course, I took some photos (but not nearly as much as I should have…).

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