On the trucks around town ...

Anyone who has spent some time in India is sure to have noticed the slogans painted on the back of trucks, autos, and other vehicles advising “we two, ours one”. This is part of India’s “family planning” efforts–efforts which have had a pretty bumpy history that included a forced sterilization program.

Originally, the slogans were “we two, ours two”, or at least that was the catchy English version–regional languages usually had a slogan more along the lines of “one family, two children”. And, the change to the new slogan led to at least one humorous math discussion with an auto driver who commented that, “Earlier, it was ‘we two, ours two’; now, it is ‘we two, ours one’. What’s next? ‘We two, ours half?’”

Anyway, keen observers might have noticed the following new addition to selected trucks:

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