The (unbutchered) retreat report

I just came back from my first DHAN Foundation retreat (which I plan to write about later) and I also got two books filled with “retreat reports” from other DHANites. The retreat reports range from extremely dull to pretty fun to almost instructional. By design, they are meant to highlight the best and worst parts of your year, share what’s on your mind about work, introduce yourself to other DHANites, and be something personal. At least that was my understanding.

Some of you may have remembered my retreat report from last year in which I interviewed myself. This year, I decided to (predictably) do something different. And here’s what it was:

Here’s a PDF too….

So, why the title of this post? Well, the people in charge of compiling the retreat report books decided to take away all the pretty pictures, retype the text, and delete at least one important line from my report. I understand that it is not “standard format” but I did keep that in mind when I consciously decided to make it fit nicely onto a single sheet of A4 paper—I figured they could just print it out and insert it at the end of the rest of the reports or something, but I guess that would be asking too much.


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