Slow news month....

Man, where has September gone? I don’t quite know what happened this month, but it certainly flew by.

Well, a lot has actually happened. For starters, I turned 28 towards the beginning of the month—and Amy and I got to celebrate our four-year wedding-proposal anniversary. My website design for the Centre for Micro Finance where I work was finally approved, and along with it I had to create a little “user-guide” for all the people who will be using it. I installed another photo-gallery on my website for the research associates at the CMF to start using so that there can be a lot of cool pictures from all around India. I’ve finished another class (and am actually already halfway through the one I’m currently in). I’ve moved into a new flat in a different part of Chennai.

So, no, I guess it hasn’t been a slow news month. I’ve just been slow in reporting what’s going on.

Oh yeah…. And I’ve added yet another subsection to my website…. And I’ve changed the photo gallery installation that I had from Gallery to Gallery2. I’m not sure which I like better. They’re both good—just different.

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