John Bender - Pop Surgery

Well, judging by the number of downloads of the first John Bender album that I posted, I figured I would go ahead and post the other LP that I have. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else by him… but if someone else does, please pass it on. I’d be more than happy to use my web-space and put it online if you’re in the sharing mood too….

Coming maybe next month… The Fruit of the Original Sin—a pretty cool artsy compilation from maybe the early 1980s with bands like DNA, The Durutti Column, and the French Impressionists and a lot of even more artsy poetry/spoken word stuff from people like Winston Tong (of Tuxedomoon) and W. S. Burroughs….

As before, comments/feedback are much appreciated and help me decide whether I should bother doing this type of stuff….

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