iPower Kills Me....

Seriously! My relationship with this web-host has been seriously a love/hate one.

In the past couple of months, it has been more of a hate one, especially with all the problems I had while they were moving my account to their new hosting system. In the process, a lot of my subdomains got totally screwed up, and everything was redirecting automatically to the root of the site. A few back and forts later with online tech-support and my “ticket tracker”, and I decided to just take down all of the stuff, reset all the subdomains, and re-upload. Not a huge problem, but still pretty inconvenient.

So, anyway, it seems like things are back where they should be, and working how they should.

On a positive note, it seems like they’ve finally given unlimited subdomains, meaning I might be able to try out the multi-user version of WordPress and actually have each “site” as a subdomain instead of a /something. We’ll see. I’m being cautious for a little while.

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