DWAB: New and Found Songs Keep the Music Playing

New and found songs keep the music playing, but not nearly frequently enough. Being away from my artsy friends and living in a place where I doubt people would pay much attention to what I’m doing tends to take away some of the inspiration for writing songs. That’s not to say that I’ve lost interest, but that it takes a little bit more effort to get around to actually picking up my guitar and trying to come up with something new.

But here you have something new, and this new thing is a composite of some extremely old songs I’ve “discovered” on my backup CDs as well as some more recently recorded songs. Without a doubt, this is the most disjointed DWAB release to date, and this is in large part because of how scattered the recording dates are. Nevertheless, I felt it best to go ahead and stick them together, and get them out there….

The songs were recorded over the span of about 10 years, some in Santa Barbara, some in Madurai, and one in Boston. They were named in totally logical illogical ways such as being based on an addition to my house, the country that one of my instruments came from, the way one of my students said a particular word, or a surgery I had.

This is also the first DWAB release that includes “cover songs” of sorts. For example, “One Sunday Afternoon” is actually a Stephen Hero song that never got recorded (and even if it were to get recorded, it would sound nothing like what I’ve recorded here). Similarly, “De Colores” is a traditional song that I recorded for my Spanish class as a special project. And “Paul’s Space Bar”? Well. I’ ll let you figure out what the original song was. Ben and I butchered it so badly that … well, it has become something totally new.

Listen online, or download the songs in your choice of FLAC, MP3, or OGG while you browse the gallery of associated artwork….

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