DWAB: The Song that Didn't Make it

I know… you are all rockin’ out so hard to the new DWAB album “New and Found Songs Keep the Music Playing” and you just don’t know what to do with yourselves while you wait for new DWAB music.

Well, your wait is over since I found another song that I hadn’t included on NAFSKTMP. I couldn’t figure out what to call it, so I simply called it “The Song that Didn’t Make it.”


  • OGG | MP3 — The Song that Didn’t Make it (crusty)
  • OGG | MP3 — The Song that Didn’t Make it (clean)

To add to the findings, I also found my original cover ideas for this album which, by the way, are dated 2004 (just to give you an idea of exactly how lazy I’ve become in my old age).

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