I was just having some fun at work a couple of weeks ago, trying to put some positive and creative pressure on a co-worker, so I created this fake center to compete with the center she is heading (the Advanced Centre for Enabling Disaster Risk Reduction [at the Tata-Dhan Academy where I work]). The result? Amy and I settled on Disaster Awareness and Mitigation Network, International. We even have a website!

No, really, Sangeetha (the co-worker that I’m pressuring) is awesome and does great work. Originally, the center she was heading was simply called the “ACE” which totally missed out on what the work actually involved. Since then, the name has been somewhat consistently written as ACEDRR (said as the word “ace” and the letters d, r, and r) which makes it a lot easier for me to accept the center. Additionally, there were a few things I wanted to try out in terms of positioning things with CSS and so on, so this was a good opportunity….

UPDATE: July 12, 2008

ACEDRR has its own site now! I guess my pressuring paid off somewhat. We still need to filter through pictures and work on some more user-friendly functions (for example in navigation and finding information) but I think it is off to a decent start.

This wasn’t the first design I submitted. The first design can be found hosted at mrdwab.com’s TDA sandbox pages and helped us at least enter some discussions about how to lead the design process.

There’s some temptation for me to remove my DAMN It! site (especially because it actually appears on search engines when you type in ACEDRR), but I’m emotionally attached to it and it did help me to figure out how to redesign the 2657 Productions website. (You can even see the similarity in layout.) I guess what I’m saying is that it’s here to stay for archival purposes and hopefully the official ACEDRR site starts to get picked up on search engines soon enough….

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