Reality Control? - Children of Terra

A couple of years ago (yes, years) I posted two Reality Control? compilations. Most people who know anything about Reality Control? know about the label that was run by John Lyons (by the way John, belated happy birthday!) but I’m not sure that too many know that there was also a band called Reality Control? and yes, John was in it for a while. (It was also the name of John’s super cool zine that he should digitize and post online—I can’t do it from here in India unless he wants to send me old copies of all of them….)

Anyway, I was looking through some of my old MiniDiscs and copying some of the music on there and came across this oddity: a Reality Control? tape titled “Children of Terra.” I don’t have the actual tape with me, so unfortunately I cannot tell you who was on this tape (I know John was not) nor can I tell you what the song titles are. If anyone else has this tape, maybe they can pass the information on.

Here’s the music:

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10

11 | 12 | 13 | 14

You might also want to check out Ryan’s post of A Fool’s Paradise which not only has songs by Reality Control? but also songs by Suckerpunch (the song’s on the 10” also, but this is a different recording), Downcast, and others.

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