A little over nine years ago, Amy gave me a kiss on my neck while I was saying goodbye to her on the front porch at 729 De La Vina street after our first date. I wanted to kiss her back, but my body reacted by running away quickly—but not nearly as quickly as my heart was racing….

And now, we’re here in India, well-established in the most recent stage of our adventures together… Adventures that have taken us throughout Asia and across many of the American states…. Adventures which remind me every day why I’ve been so lucky to have Amy by my side over these years….

Anyway, anniversary celebrations were fun because we could really splurge here in Chennai. Since the anniversary fell on a Tuesday and Amy would be working, we started our celebrations the Sunday before the anniversary by having brunch at one of the fancy hotels here. We ate from 12:30 to 3:00, eating our fill of filet mignon, creamy prawns, individual ham and bacon pizzas, smoked salmon with croissants, chocolaty deserts and more….

One of the highlights of the meal was probably the eight-year-old Indian boy at the table next to us. I was on my second plate of filet mignon when I heard him ask, “Mom, is cheese a carbohydrate?” I thought that I must have been imagining it, because it seemed like a bit of a surreal statement for a kid to be making. So, I listened more closely for a few minutes. This kid was going through the different items and talking about the healthiness or unhealthiness of each one. Oh well… I ate seconds where he wouldn’t. His loss not mine.

Tuesday—the actual day of the anniversary—came and Amy and I decided to splurge some more by going to the Dakshin, another fancy restaurant in a super expensive hotel. According to others, it was supposed to be the best place to get South Indian food. So, we get there and sit down to eat just as the live South Indian music is starting up. We place our orders for the South Indian meals (one veg and one non-veg) and our waiter comes to our table with our food. He looks at me for a little while and then asks, “You’ve been here before, right?” “No.” I say. “Do you stay at the hotel?” “No,” I say again, “We actually live in Chetpet.” “Oh!” he says. “I live in Chetpet too. Spurtank road.” “Really, we live right opposite Shree Mithai.” “Yes,” he said. “That’s it—I see you walking sometimes. Familiar face!”

Anyway, he introduces himself and says to just ask for him and he’ll hook us up with more food. A little while later, he comes back to check up on us and I mentioned that everything was great—that it was a great way to celebrate the anniversary of when we started going out. “Oh, it’s your anniversary?” He asks. “Yes,” I say, “Nine years today.” He congratulates us and we continue with our mega-meal. Finally, a good two hours later, when Amy and I are practically immobile because of the amount of food that we’ve eaten, we ask for our bill, and the waiter comes out with this big chocolate cake with “Wedding Anniversary” written on it. Not quite the right anniversary, but still a really nice gesture on their part.

Besides, I don’t really think that there are too many people who are able to keep track of our many anniversaries….

Oh, by the way, today just happens to be the 2 year and 10 month anniversary of our wedding. Just in case you were wondering….

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