Adios WordPress

WordPress seemed to fizzle on my site and make everything break, so I decided to use this as an opportunity to try something new: Hugo.

In simple terms, Hugo is a static site generator that lets you write in markdown and process your markdown files according to templates you use/create. Processing happens quickly—like seriously quick, and there’s a server mode so you can do all of your development offline and then push the relevant files to your static host.

So far, the process has been pretty painless. I started with this Ruby script to convert my exported WordPress xml file to a bunch of markdown files, then I manually went through to see that everything was in order. This gave me a chance to fix a few broken links that were already on the site. Hopefully I didn’t introduce any new ones.

There’s a lot about Hugo that I find quite interesting. One example is its “aliases” feature. With this, you can specify the previous URLs that would have gone to a particular page (as long as it’s on the same domain). Thus, if you change your permalink structure (as is the case of what I did when I switched from WordPress to Hugo) your old links should still work.

I also made the switch to the Atom. Damn! This is a nice editor. Fast. Easy to customize. I whipped up a few snippets to help me with my manual edits, and it made the work so much easier….

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