A flashback to 15 years ago....

I’m getting old. I must be. I was just sorting some of my random files on my computer, and I remembered that I had downloaded Ryan Gratzer’s post of the Jeberrekenelle/Rugburn split LP. While the Jeberrekenelle songs were already available, Ryan went ahead and also included the Rugburn songs (so you hear the songs in the same order that you would hear them from the record—alternating between each band), the silly start-up samples, and the nice big booklet that we stuffed in the packaging. I downloaded his booklet, straightened it up a bit, and re-posted it at Issuu so that you can all check it out without having to download the whole zip file (unless you want the Rugburn stuff too, which is also worth hearing).

Yes. This was really 15 years ago. That’s right—half-my-life-ago. The recording was made in December 1993 (Jeberrekenelle’s stuff was recorded at Brian’s house, recorded by John). The record was made shortly after that. The record was reviewed in HeartattaCk in issue 3, in August 2004. (The review was by Mike Ruehle, so it might have been a bit biased.)

Anyway, thanks to Ryan for scanning the insert. There’s one page that was pretty illegible (not Ryan’s fault—just poor design skills) and that was Sam’s rant on why we should all throw away our TVs. So, to save you the strain of dealing with the text in the pdf, I’ve transcribed it below:

TV is Dumb

Am I overstating the obvious? Have you ever been at a party, everything’s going cool, everyone’s talking, eating, etc… Then someone turns on the TV and everything just stops? All the heads within looking distance whip around and all the eyes fixate on the glowing phosphorous tube. Everyone stops talking. They all become one with the TV. How many times have you sat down to watch TV, not to really watch anything in particular, just to what “whater is on”, and you just flip through our beautiful assortment of nothing. For hours sometimes… Maybe stop on Ricky Lake and laugh at other people’s problems… Maybe watch that fantastic Meatloaf video… If TV’s so interesting, why are you whipping around? Sometimes you’ll just realize “Wow, there’s really nothing on. This is boring.” And you’ll go have something to eat, read a book, start a band, whatever you can do when you’re not plugged into the music revolution or the real world of “Cops”. Do you ever feel used? You know the commercials are stupid… They’re so… commercial. But you still fall for them, don’t you? Sometimes you end up in the supermarket and you buy something but you don’t know why. Do you feel hypnotized by TV? Do you feel like the tube is probing straight into your head? A lot of people do, doesn’t this trigger any warning signals in your brain? Has TV and the media led you to mistrust your own observations. Do you really need a scientist to tell you that Mother’s-Milk is better than Brand-X Baby Formula? You knew that already, why didn’t you trust yourself. Do you ever wonder just why you wear deodorant when everyone else pretty much smells the same way you do? Do you feel like you’re just living in someone else’s reality? When was the last time you felt real mud between your toes? How close do you feel to nature? When was the last time you were somewhere and you didn’t see a human-created “reality”? Have you ever read something really important in a newspaper article and then when you watch TV, it’s nowhere to be seen? Can you read through a whole book and get the meaning? (I barely can anymore.) When was the last time you read a book, just for fun? Have you made it this far into my rant? If you have, you can be saved from this. If you want to know more about TV and its effects on society yourself and hear some very convincing arguments on why you should throw your TV away (if you haven’t already) read Four Arguments for the Elemination of Television by Jerry Mander. It’s 9 bucks, but your sanity is worth it. If you’re lucky, you’ll find it at the local library, but some punk probably stole it.

Ahhh…. Rambling incoherent idealistic youth….

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