This site has grown into a little bit of a monster now. So, I guess that this site really does need some disclaimers. So, here they are.

If any concerns are still left unaddressed, just let me know.

Do I really want to be sued?

I’ve created a category on my site called, “So sue me already” but do I really want to be sued? Absolutely not!

The music that I’ve put in the “So sue me already” category originally started out with music from my friends (so I hope they are flattered rather than feel like they should sue me). The other music that I’ve put in the “So sue me already” category is some old vinyl-to-mp3 or cassette-to-mp3 stuff that I’ve put online because the music is so hard to find (if not impossible). If there is a post that someone thinks I should remove—for example if something has been re-released and I wasn’t aware of it—I’d be happy to remove it. Just send me an email at ananda@mrdwab.com with the details about the offending materials and I’ll try to address your needs promptly.

I only put it online if I really think it’s something that other people really should hear…. These are the records that I carefully hoarded from my grandfather’s record collection and was always excited to listen to time and again. I’m just trying to share some of that excitement with other people, and I hope that’s understandable….

In any case, rest assured that I’m not in this to make a profit in any way.

What would people at my work say?

This is a personal site, but I will occasionally write about work-related issues. I don’t know what people at my work will say about what I write, but they are welcome to leave feedback in the form of comments.

In other words, I am solely responsible for the content here and you [the reader] should not in any way interpret the opinions expressed here as those of places I have worked [see my Google profile for a pretty comprehensive list of current and previous employers].

The thing to remember is that I am a picky person, and I have been very selective about the places I’ve worked. And, for the places I’ve left, I like to think that I left on good terms; in most cases, I’d even go back to those places to work. So, if it ever seems like I’m complaining about problems at work, it’s probably because it’s so much easier to criticize than to praise, though I try to be fair in what I write.

Should I trust your tips about …?

… about statistics, data analysis, R, LibreOffice…?

I occasionally write about statistics, data analysis, software, and so on—sometimes even writing a tutorial here and there.

Should you trust what I have to say?

Sure! Why not?

Actually, I’ll leave that judgment to you. I haven’t, for example, had an economics or statistics class in years, so maybe my advice will be faulty. But, I do try to be comprehensive in my research before I write about anything. In making up your mind whether to trust my tips or not, remember that a lot of the times, I’m also writing because writing helps me to remember what I did.

I put it on this site for two main reasons. First, it’s a good backup in an era where hard-drive failures can mean a lot of information loss. Second, maybe someone would be interested in what I have to say and will be able to learn something from what I’ve written.

Your responsibility as the reader would be to tell me when things break. Only then would I be able to reflect on my tips and see if I would suggest anything different.

Stack Overflow and related

I have recently been fairly active at Stack Overflow and a few of its related sites, mostly answering questions related to R. Click the badge below to get to my profile, see what I’ve been up to, and see whether people generally agree with my solutions or not.

profile for mrdwab on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

Am I responsible for what other people say?

The comments on this site are moderated to a certain extent (not that I get that many comments). This is mostly to weed out spam, personal attempts to contact me, or off-topic comments. I don’t actually care to censor comments in any other way, so feel free to leave comments reflecting whatever you want to say. However, I am not responsible for the comments that are left on my site. If you have an issue with a comment, yell at the person who left it, not me!

What about copyright?

With the exception of content in the “So sue me already” category or tag, or unless otherwise mentioned in the post, you should assume that the images, text, and other media are copyright Ananda Mahto under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

What this means is that you can share and adapt the media however you want as long as you give me attribution (either as Ananda Mahto or mrdwab), as long as you don’t use my work for commercial purposes, and as long as you distribute any derivative media with the same license.

You DO NOT need to contact me for permission for reuse (although it would be nice).

I also retain the right to grant exceptions to any of the terms set forth in the Creative Commons license. What that means is that if, for example, you really need to have that awesome DWAB song in your next commercial movie, just contact me and we’ll see what we can arrange.

This license doesn’t restrict fair use rights. For more information about fair use, I suggest you track down a copy of “Tales from the Public Domain: BOUND BY LAW?” which, at the time of writing this disclaimer, is available for free online.

Overall, though, you’re really pretty much free to do what you will, and I probably won’t bother hunting you down and crushing you with my DWAB-o-rific powers.

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