… this site

This site is basically an extension of the “2657 Productions” family of sites–this one related more to personal rambling and stories of what I do to keep myself busy. It is supposed to be the most active extension (you can judge for yourself whether or not it’s particularly active…) and there may be some overlap between the other sections at mrdwab.com. In fact, since it is so much easier to use a content management system than deal with static pages, it may eventually replace most of the content currently found there, but who knows….

… my insane way of categorizing stuff

Somehow, the ability to easily create categories and tags has resulted in a lot more disorganization instead of order. The ability to cross reference things seems to be more of a curse than a blessing, at least the way it is organized on this site.

But here are some basics:

  • EVERYTHING should go into the (all categories) category so that the main “blog” page can be read entirely reverse chronologically.
  • The (non) fiction category tries to capture “stories” of what’s going on in my day-to-day life. Of course, I still have this habit of embellishing the truth a little bit, so you need to figure out what’s fiction and what’s not on your own.
  • I am a geek, and I couldn’t avoid having a category called Geekiness on this site. The category generally contains whatever I’ve written about software.
  • Most of the subcategories in Geekiness are self-explanatory, but one of the subcategories is called Useless Knowledge. Is the information really useless? Hopefully not, but the title comes from the “fact” that I probably won’t actually have much use for the information written there, but, for the sake of reminding myself in case I happen to need it, I figured this website was a good place to do so.
  • I think that the Music category is self-explanatory. The So sue me already subcategory is for music that’s either by my friends or music that’s hard to find that I think people should hear.
  • The main difference between Scribbles and Stories is… um… I forget. I think it was supposed to be that Scribbles was more random “scribbling” and Stories was more structured fiction or non-fiction. But, now that I look back at the content, I dunno anymore….

… the “software” I like and write about

From time to time, I’ll probably write about software I like on this site. So far, the list is pretty limited. Here are some of the more major programs I’ll probably write about.

  • ~OpenOffice.org~ LibreOffice is my preferred office suite. I particularly like how its word-processor deals with linked “styles and formatting” (overall, it reminds me of working with desktop publishing software).
  • I’ve recently been playing around with R for data analysis. Not that I know anything about data analysis—I just like learning new software and the opportunity presented itself.
    • A note about the R syntax in my posts: ~I use a program called Highlight to post my R code.~ Code is highlighted using a custom bundle of highlight.js.
    • A note about reusing the code itself: ~Usually, I try to just write about one or two things per post. I like to start by entering everything into R’s script editor, including comments to explain what is going on. Then, I run the entire script, copy the output from R into Highlight, and get the output to paste on my site. You can reuse the code by either copying just the parts you need, or you can copy and paste the code into R being sure to use the “Edit > Paste commands only” option. If you don’t do that, you’ll end up with a lot of extra > symbols in your code which R won’t understand.~ In general, you should be able to copy and paste directly from the site since unnecessary parts of the code have been commented out.
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