… this site This site is basically an extension of the “2657 Productions” family of sites–this one related more to personal rambling and stories of what I do to keep myself busy. It is supposed to be the most active extension (you can judge for yourself whether or not it’s particularly active…) and there may be some overlap between the other sections at mrdwab.com. In fact, since it is so much easier to use a content management system than deal with static pages, it may eventually replace most of the content currently found there, but who knows….


Some stuff I did for fun…. Some stuff I did for work….


This site has grown into a little bit of a monster now. So, I guess that this site really does need some disclaimers. So, here they are. If any concerns are still left unaddressed, just let me know. Do I really want to be sued? I’ve created a category on my site called, “So sue me already” but do I really want to be sued? Absolutely not! The music that I’ve put in the “So sue me already” category originally started out with music from my friends (so I hope they are flattered rather than feel like they should sue me).