Picnic With a Gun - Kowalski 14 inch EP

From the liner notes: PICNIC WITH A GUN: An Introduction. As every band is, we are often asked to describe our music. We've done so in a variety of different ways. We've listed our influences, compared ourselves to other bands, and even invited terms like industriopunkrockskafunkpopdanceabilly. All of these things are stupid. We're just PWAG. This is not to say that we've invented some new, cutting edge sound that will soon become the hottest genre.

Slug: Swingers, EPs, and more

I don’t actually remember how I got to know about Slug, but I liked their, um, sluggish loud music. I think it had something to do with them using lots of bass guitars, and because “Swingers” was a 10”, and I really liked to collect 10” records….

A random assortment of music

I’m not entirely sure what to say about the music in this post. The first set of songs is by a band called Munk. I don’t have much information about them–just that they recorded (to my knowledge) two seven-inches, which I bought when I saw them live a looooong time ago. The releases were simply titled “1” and “2” and the online FLEX discography has a tiny review here and here.

Punk Comps Rock: 400 Day Headache

I used to really like buying punk and hardcore comps, even when I already had the song by the band (or bands) that I already knew. (That seemed to happen quite often, by the way, but some of the more prolific bands–like J Church in this case–would contribute songs not found on other recordings.)

Anyway, here is one that I picked up for J Church and Assfactor 4. It ended up introducing me to Rights Reserved, Tonka, and a few other cool rockers.

Sisters of Mercy: The End

Back when we had the “Deep Grooves” record store in Santa Barbara, I was always able to find some cool oddities. This Sisters of Mercy 2x7” bootleg (which claims to be a limited edition of 300) was one of them. The Sisters of Mercy are generally rockin’ and the songs on this recording are no exception, so, here they are: First, Last and Always Body and Soul Walk Away Possession

Tommy Strange: Waiting on the Corner

I first heard Tommy Strange when he was the singer for Strawman (which, if I remember correctly, was Scarecrow at the time). I think the first stuff I heard was on Allied Recordings’ “Sign Language” compilation, and I thought it was pretty cool. So, when I was on one of my San Francisco music-shopping trips and I saw a solo 7” for Tommy Strange, I figured there would be no harm in picking it up.

You Want to Rock?

I can’t think of a better way to rock than to put on some Sleeping Body and listen to the slamming crunchy chaos that ensues.

More Core... Vinyl Retentive, Share Common Ground, Up for Grabs

Again, it has been a little while since I last uploaded some good hardcore to rock out to. So, to make up for lost time, here is one double LP and two regular LP compilations filled with some awesome songs. The Vinyl Retentive compilation is truly amazing.

Suckerpunch (10" and split flexi with Born Against)

Suckerpunch was one of my favorite bands who I never got to see live because I got into the scene just a little bit too late (or rather, I made friends with people with cars a little too late).

Reality Control? Compilations

After quite some time, I’ve decided to get around to taking some stuff off my minidiscs again, converting them to mp3s, and uploading some more music. This time, I’ve decided to revisit some of the cool stuff that John Lyons used to release. (John’s much too busy doing much cooler things these days, so he doesn’t spend time putting out cool records with nice hand-silk-screened covers and so on. I guess we can’t have too much of a good thing, right?)

Anyway, here, I’ve uploaded the two Reality Control? compilations released on Reality Control? Recordings a long time ago.

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