PAIL: bop kabal

Here’s a Santa Barbara rarity that I’m guessing that very few know about: bop kabal by PAIL–a limited edition, 5 track CD featuring the musical jams of the iG-88/EX-iGNOTA guys and a few others. Pair this with One and the Two for some artsy funtime. intro. alcohol and endless balls variant V1 a space theme epilogue

One and the Two

One and the Two

One and the Two

Machine Laments and Bird Songs, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3

I can’t remember exactly when I got the “One and the Two” CDs, but I do remember that Ben Rogers sent them to me. They were part of the limited edition Pro. Con. CDs that were being put out. These were from 2002, each limited to 50 copies.

Picnic With a Gun - Kowalski 14 inch EP

From the liner notes: PICNIC WITH A GUN: An Introduction. As every band is, we are often asked to describe our music. We've done so in a variety of different ways. We've listed our influences, compared ourselves to other bands, and even invited terms like industriopunkrockskafunkpopdanceabilly. All of these things are stupid. We're just PWAG. This is not to say that we've invented some new, cutting edge sound that will soon become the hottest genre.

The Cover Chain...

I was flipping through some of the old books that I used to scribble in way back when, and I came across a page that had the following:

This was a little idea that I had long before So, sue me already, back when I loved making mix-tapes for my friends. This mix-tape never materialized, and since then, my music exposure has increased quite a bit, leading to what I think is a pretty damn impressive compilation….

Read on… download… enjoy!

Slug: Swingers, EPs, and more

I don’t actually remember how I got to know about Slug, but I liked their, um, sluggish loud music. I think it had something to do with them using lots of bass guitars, and because “Swingers” was a 10”, and I really liked to collect 10” records….

Reality Control? - Children of Terra

A couple of years ago (yes, years) I posted two Reality Control? compilations. Most people who know anything about Reality Control? know about the label that was run by John Lyons (by the way John, belated happy birthday!) but I’m not sure that too many know that there was also a band called Reality Control? and yes, John was in it for a while. (It was also the name of John’s super cool zine that he should digitize and post online—I can’t do it from here in India unless he wants to send me old copies of all of them….)

David Hanna: Excerpts from the 1990s

I don’t know what much I can say about David Hanna. As I mentioned on the page I created for him at So, sue me already, he would be one person I would love to have in a DWAB live band if there ever were one….

I remember David had moved away after recording the songs for One Final Episode in Our Attempts at Persistence 10” and during the time he was gone, he took a course in music recording. When he came back to Santa Barbara for a short visit, he also lent me a tape with some of the stuff he had been doing.

Reality Control? Compilations

After quite some time, I’ve decided to get around to taking some stuff off my minidiscs again, converting them to mp3s, and uploading some more music. This time, I’ve decided to revisit some of the cool stuff that John Lyons used to release. (John’s much too busy doing much cooler things these days, so he doesn’t spend time putting out cool records with nice hand-silk-screened covers and so on. I guess we can’t have too much of a good thing, right?)

Anyway, here, I’ve uploaded the two Reality Control? compilations released on Reality Control? Recordings a long time ago.

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John Bender - I Don't Remember Now

Ok. I know this breaks a lot of the rules in terms of “blogging etiquette” but I don’t really care. I got the mp3s posted here from two different sites, but for the sake of having three John Bender LPs in one location, I thought that I’d re-post them here. So, here’s John Bender’s “I Don’t Remember Now” thanks to Yarrost. 36a3 31a4 33a1 36a2 35b1 27b4 (Rainy Day Sunshine

John Bender - Pop Surgery

Well, judging by the number of downloads of the first John Bender album that I posted, I figured I would go ahead and post the other LP that I have. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else by him… but if someone else does, please pass it on. I’d be more than happy to use my web-space and put it online if you’re in the sharing mood too…. Coming maybe next month… The Fruit of the Original Sin—a pretty cool artsy compilation from maybe the early 1980s with bands like DNA, The Durutti Column, and the French Impressionists and a lot of even more artsy poetry/spoken word stuff from people like Winston Tong (of Tuxedomoon) and W.