A precursor? Probably. A promise? Perhaps.

I was making a feeble attempt at cleaning out some of the clutter in my living room, and I quickly got distracted when I remembered that I had brought back a copy of the booklet that had accompanied the DWAB “One Final Episode in Our Attempts at Persistence” record. What should I do? Continue cleaning? Or scan the booklet and post it online?

Mr Grumpy's 2009 "How-to-write" calendar

Over the past few weeks, everyone has been going calendar crazy. I mean EVERYONE. I was sitting in meetings with colleagues trying to write “messages” and then find the right pictures to go with the calendar they were making. Amy was asking me how to edit some of her photos so that they would look better when they were printed in the Centre for Microfinance’s calendar. Friends were running out to buy newspapers which had free calendars included with them.

Six new old stories....

I was ego-surfing the internet archives the other day, and I realized that some of the posts that I had made before my old server went down had actually been archived there and not simply lost to the digital graveyard. I’ve decided to pre-date them to match the dates they were originally posted, so you can either jump to the end of the archives and poke around or you can

Welcome confusement

I keep waiting for the moment When things are going to clear up. The everyday things. The seemingly meaningless things. The answers to the “What are you going to do with your life?” questions And to the question, “So, what should we do this weekend?” But waiting leads nowhere, And thinking about the simple questions often end up complicating them. Still, I go on waiting… Just not so passively anymore. “So, what are you going to do with your life?” “Live.” “What should we do this weekend?” “Oh, I don’t know… What do you have in mind?” [It’s so much easier when the responsibility is handed over… Even when dealing with simple questions…] And although things are no longer complicated I still can’t help feeling confused.

Various Audience Acts

The day of the big concert is at hand, and I have so many important things on my mind….

"Where you from?"

In a little while, I’ll be celebrating my 14 year anniversary of moving to the States. I was eleven when I left, so most of my life has been spent here. Still, when I consider the question, “Where are you from?” my answer seems to vary, often depending on my mood or on who’s asking.

My Hands

I’ve never been one to think of myself as attractive or handsome or anything like that. Nor have I gone to the other extreme… But I must admit that there’s something about my hands that I love. Not just my hands, actually, but the area just below my elbows to my fingertips.

Picnic on a Thawing River

For the past month, at least three days each week, the path to my destination involved a short walk along which I crossed the Charles River. Until this week, the river’s flow has been trapped under a sheet of ice. And every time I cross and look at the sight, I think of the Faust song, Picnic on a Frozen River.

Creative Forces

Some years ago, I wrote stories all the time. And while nothing I wrote was particularly ground-breaking, looking back at it all, a lot of the stuff was really good. Add to that all the drawings I did and all the music I played… Basically, I was incredibly prolific during my high-school and early college years.


“It’s too good to be true,” he said.