The 'koboloader' package for R

The “koboloadeR” R package is designed to make it easy to retrieve data collected using the KoBo Toolbox or other services using the same API (for example, KoBo Humanitarian Response, Ona). Of these, KoBo Toolbox is quite generous with 1,500 submissions per user per month as their limit (and I believe something like 5GB per month for data submissions–like photos, videos, or audio recordings that can be linked to a survey).

The package is available at GitHub. Get it using:


(Note: install_github via @jtilly)

I won’t go into details here about KoBo. It’s an awesome tool for quick mobile data collection. Developing the survey tools is very easy and provides you with a good range of question types. You can collect data while offline and sync it with the server when you have a data connection available. And, you can export data into different forms for analysis later on.

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splitstackshape V1.4.0 for R

After more than a year since splitstackshape V1.2.0, I’ve finally gotten around to making some major updates and submitting the package to CRAN.

So, if you have messed up datasets filled with concatenated cells of data, and you need to split that data up and reorganize it for later analysis, install and load the latest version (V1.4.0) of splitstackshape with:

## [1] '1.4.0'

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The "splitstackshape" package for R

A while ago, a friend of ours presented me with a data problem. Her questionnaire had some questions where the respondent could provide multiple responses. You know, the "Check as many as apply" type of questions. One way that this data is commonly stored is to put a comma separated value into a single cell in a spreadsheet. In fact, if you use something like Google Forms to collect your data and have questions that use check-boxes, that's how your data will finally be stored in a Google Spreadsheet.