DWAB: New and Found Songs Keep the Music Playing

New and found songs keep the music playing, but not nearly frequently enough. Being away from my artsy friends and living in a place where I doubt people would pay much attention to what I’m doing tends to take away some of the inspiration for writing songs. That’s not to say that I’ve lost interest, but that it takes a little bit more effort to get around to actually picking up my guitar and trying to come up with something new.

But here you have something new, and this new thing is a composite of some extremely old songs I’ve “discovered” on my backup CDs as well as some more recently recorded songs. Without a doubt, this is the most disjointed DWAB release to date, and this is in large part because of how scattered the recording dates are. Nevertheless, I felt it best to go ahead and stick them together, and get them out there….

Punk Comps Rock: 400 Day Headache

I used to really like buying punk and hardcore comps, even when I already had the song by the band (or bands) that I already knew. (That seemed to happen quite often, by the way, but some of the more prolific bands–like J Church in this case–would contribute songs not found on other recordings.)

Anyway, here is one that I picked up for J Church and Assfactor 4. It ended up introducing me to Rights Reserved, Tonka, and a few other cool rockers.

Sisters of Mercy: The End

Back when we had the “Deep Grooves” record store in Santa Barbara, I was always able to find some cool oddities. This Sisters of Mercy 2x7” bootleg (which claims to be a limited edition of 300) was one of them. The Sisters of Mercy are generally rockin’ and the songs on this recording are no exception, so, here they are: First, Last and Always Body and Soul Walk Away Possession

David Hanna: Excerpts from the 1990s

I don’t know what much I can say about David Hanna. As I mentioned on the page I created for him at So, sue me already, he would be one person I would love to have in a DWAB live band if there ever were one….

I remember David had moved away after recording the songs for One Final Episode in Our Attempts at Persistence 10” and during the time he was gone, he took a course in music recording. When he came back to Santa Barbara for a short visit, he also lent me a tape with some of the stuff he had been doing.

Tommy Strange: Waiting on the Corner

I first heard Tommy Strange when he was the singer for Strawman (which, if I remember correctly, was Scarecrow at the time). I think the first stuff I heard was on Allied Recordings’ “Sign Language” compilation, and I thought it was pretty cool. So, when I was on one of my San Francisco music-shopping trips and I saw a solo 7” for Tommy Strange, I figured there would be no harm in picking it up.

Hi Drocoele, crowin' under the coconut trees....

Wow. Another post so quickly. And more new music. This was recorded at the same time as the songs in the previous post, but I didn’t get to play around with it before I had to go in for a surgery. Well, the surgery is over, and now I’m at home relaxing, and I decided to fiddle around with the recording a bit. So, here you have it! Another new DWAB song!

The long road to nowhere in particular always seems to get us right back to where we started

It has been a little while since my last song, so I decided to get back onto my rooftop and spend some time with my cats and the crows and record something new. This time, I also decided to fiddle around a little bit and do something with the recordings on the computer. (Also something I haven’t done in a long time.) The songs were recorded with my Cowon D2 media player and my new Samsung mobile phone.

A flashback to 15 years ago....

I’m getting old. I must be. I was just sorting some of my random files on my computer, and I remembered that I had downloaded Ryan Gratzer’s post of the Jeberrekenelle/Rugburn split LP. While the Jeberrekenelle songs were already available, Ryan went ahead and also included the Rugburn songs (so you hear the songs in the same order that you would hear them from the record—alternating between each band), the silly start-up samples, and the nice big booklet that we stuffed in the packaging. I downloaded his booklet, straightened it up a bit, and re-posted it at Issuu so that you can all check it out without having to download the whole zip file (unless you want the Rugburn stuff too, which is also worth hearing).

You Want to Rock?

I can’t think of a better way to rock than to put on some Sleeping Body and listen to the slamming crunchy chaos that ensues.

Suckerpunch (10" and split flexi with Born Against)

Suckerpunch was one of my favorite bands who I never got to see live because I got into the scene just a little bit too late (or rather, I made friends with people with cars a little too late).