Mr Grumpy's 2009 "How-to-write" calendar

Over the past few weeks, everyone has been going calendar crazy. I mean EVERYONE. I was sitting in meetings with colleagues trying to write “messages” and then find the right pictures to go with the calendar they were making. Amy was asking me how to edit some of her photos so that they would look better when they were printed in the Centre for Microfinance’s calendar. Friends were running out to buy newspapers which had free calendars included with them.

What's been going on....

So, it has been sort of refreshingly quiet the last few weeks. Mostly, it’s because I’m not in a class at the moment, but that should change by Tuesday. There was some problem processing my financial aid application, so they delayed the start date of my class for a couple of weeks, so this has actually given me a chance to do some stuff for myself and stuff like organizing and uploading lots of photos to my site.

Apparently, my account with iPower should be upgradeable to 200GB of storage (from 50GB) for free, but, since that would require them actually moving my site to a new server, I figure I’ll hold off until I actually need that much space.

WordPress Upgrade Done, and Vacation Stories to Come

So, I just upgraded my WordPress installation, and that seems like a good enough excuse to stop being lazy and start back posting some stories here.

Thanksgiving Turkey, Treadmills, and Tamil Nadu

While Amy and I were at the TATA-Dhan Academy wandering around, we ran across this wild turkey. Yummy. But they are all veg people at the academy.... Oh well....

So, it has been a pretty busy month for me, and as such I haven’t really written much here. I just finished another class (Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom) and jumped straight into another (Standards-Based Curriculum and Instruction), installed MediaWiki on the IFMR server and put up some articles to start the “content” base, and all the other random stuff that goes on….

Another Thanksgiving abroad. So far, I’ve had Thanksgiving in Vietnam (in Hanoi—they even tracked down turkeys for us and cooked a special meal), China (in Jinan—tried to find turkey, but settled for Peking Duck instead) and now, India. Since we don’t have a real oven, and since cooking here is pretty annoying anyway, Amy and I decided to go to one of the fancy hotels that had advertised a Thanksgiving dinner. A nice costly Rs. 1,000 (~ $20) per head bought you an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Raining Words of Wisdom

You Will Fall

So, the rains seem to have started, though I’m still not certain that this is supposed to be the Monsoons. From what I hear, the weather has been irregular in the past couple of years. Where hasn’t it been? Global warming maybe?


Last weekend, Amy and I accompanied the CMF interns to Madurai. We got a chance to visit a microfinance institution (MFI) and a non-gonvernmental organization (NGO) that works with self-help groups (SHG). How’s that for a slew of acronyms?

Singapore... and then no more....

Singapore Airport sunflower garden

Well, my silly moving around is almost over…. I’m currently in front of a free internet kiosk killing time in the Singapore airport. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi is not free, so I can’t use my own computer, which would have been ideal, but this seems to be fine anyway….

Chillin' in Thailand

… in some nice steamy weather….

As with my flight over to India, I had a ridiculous layover in Bangkok again. It turns out that the layover was ok though—I got a chance to work on some of my upcoming papers so maybe my time in CA will be a little bit less hectic….

March was a slow month....

March was a slow month, except when it wasn’t…. Which was most of the time by the way. And it still hasn’t really let up throughout this month, hence the lack of updates to this site. I know, it’s not a great excuse, but it’s the only one that I have at the moment.

Life has more or less settled into a steady rhythm, and just as suddenly as it has done so, I’m getting ready to head back for a speedy two weeks in CA full of random traveling between LA, SB, and SF….

Workin' and... whatever comes next.... has finally been redesigned. In terms of content, not much has actually changed. Just a slight update of my resume, and a few text edits that I caught…. I’m sure there are more that should be changed….