13 years

On Saturday, Amy and I celebrated the 13-year anniversary of our “first date” by going to Kodaikanal for the day. Pretty fun, but nothing much to report, except for a few silly pictures:

A precursor? Probably. A promise? Perhaps.

I was making a feeble attempt at cleaning out some of the clutter in my living room, and I quickly got distracted when I remembered that I had brought back a copy of the booklet that had accompanied the DWAB “One Final Episode in Our Attempts at Persistence” record. What should I do? Continue cleaning? Or scan the booklet and post it online?

DWAB: The Song that Didn't Make it

I know… you are all rockin’ out so hard to the new DWAB album “New and Found Songs Keep the Music Playing” and you just don’t know what to do with yourselves while you wait for new DWAB music.

Well, your wait is over since I found another song that I hadn’t included on NAFSKTMP. I couldn’t figure out what to call it, so I simply called it “The Song that Didn’t Make it.”

DWAB: New and Found Songs Keep the Music Playing

New and found songs keep the music playing, but not nearly frequently enough. Being away from my artsy friends and living in a place where I doubt people would pay much attention to what I’m doing tends to take away some of the inspiration for writing songs. That’s not to say that I’ve lost interest, but that it takes a little bit more effort to get around to actually picking up my guitar and trying to come up with something new.

But here you have something new, and this new thing is a composite of some extremely old songs I’ve “discovered” on my backup CDs as well as some more recently recorded songs. Without a doubt, this is the most disjointed DWAB release to date, and this is in large part because of how scattered the recording dates are. Nevertheless, I felt it best to go ahead and stick them together, and get them out there….

Hi Drocoele, crowin' under the coconut trees....

Wow. Another post so quickly. And more new music. This was recorded at the same time as the songs in the previous post, but I didn’t get to play around with it before I had to go in for a surgery. Well, the surgery is over, and now I’m at home relaxing, and I decided to fiddle around with the recording a bit. So, here you have it! Another new DWAB song!

The long road to nowhere in particular always seems to get us right back to where we started

It has been a little while since my last song, so I decided to get back onto my rooftop and spend some time with my cats and the crows and record something new. This time, I also decided to fiddle around a little bit and do something with the recordings on the computer. (Also something I haven’t done in a long time.) The songs were recorded with my Cowon D2 media player and my new Samsung mobile phone.

DWAB: Kudli Song

DWAB: Kudil Song I haven’t recorded anything in a long time, so I decided to take my digital camera onto my rooftop hut and record one of the songs I’ve been working on. Knowing how lazy I am, this might be the only version you’ll ever get to hear! If you listen closely, you can hear all the random noises I hear from my rooftop, like the chanting from the nearby mosque and so on.

The path towards getting there from here

The Path Towards Getting There From Here is a DWAB song off of the A Very Well-Calculated Lack of Cohesion CD. Amy took this photo of me while I was on the “Toy Train” to Ooty, and I thought that I would have some fun with my Photoshop plugins and make a silly video of myself….

Ooty.... Ooh! Tea!

In February, a bunch of the research associates from the Centre for Micro Finance Research piled into trains to slowly make their way to Ooty to behold the scenic lands, get away from the hectic life of research, and generally have something to write about….

Quiet times on Chennai's roads

My friend, Martin, really wants me to get a motorcycle while I am living in Chennai, India….