I was just having some fun at work a couple of weeks ago, trying to put some positive and creative pressure on a co-worker, so I created this fake center to compete with the center she is heading (the Advanced Centre for Enabling Disaster Risk Reduction [at the Tata-Dhan Academy where I work]). The result? Amy and I settled on Disaster Awareness and Mitigation Network, International. We even have a website!

Nested Lists and CSS

I don’t use lists too often for my own stuff, but I do have to use them often either with my work or with school assignments. Often these lists can be quite long, and have many lists nested within each other.

I was recently converting an outline from a Word document to an HTML document, and I wanted different list levels to be different list-types—similar to the results you would get in MS Word when you increase the indent of a list item. However, simply nesting the lists ended up in a reverting to regular Arabic numerals, so you ended up with a list that looked something like:

1. First Level Item 1
2. First Level Item 2
    1. Second Level Item 1
    2. Second Level Item 2

while what I wanted was something like:

1. First Level Item 1
2. First Level Item 2
     I. Second Level Item 1
    II. Second Level Item 2

"Las Historias de Ladera" re-design

New projects to keep me busy—more adventures into CSS. Yes, I’m busy procrastinating and doing geeky stuff to keep myself entertained in the interim. So, what do I do? Try something new… -ish….

So, for the project of killing time at hand, I decided to re-do the “Las Historias de Ladera” site that I did some years back for Peoples’ Self-Help Housing. My main motivation for re-doing the site is that the site in its original form made extensive use of frames.


CSS is fun. Really…. It’s as simple as that….

I first started playing around with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) when I was doing the second major revision of 2657 Productions, but the application for that site was pretty basic. I pretty much used it just for defining the colors and fonts of the headers and the paragraph sections of the text. Other than that, I really didn’t do anything fancy. It wasn’t until I started working on the Peoples’ Self-Help Housing website that I really started exploring the abilities of CSS even more.