The Cover Chain...

I was flipping through some of the old books that I used to scribble in way back when, and I came across a page that had the following:

This was a little idea that I had long before So, sue me already, back when I loved making mix-tapes for my friends. This mix-tape never materialized, and since then, my music exposure has increased quite a bit, leading to what I think is a pretty damn impressive compilation….

Read on… download… enjoy!

A random assortment of music

I’m not entirely sure what to say about the music in this post. The first set of songs is by a band called Munk. I don’t have much information about them–just that they recorded (to my knowledge) two seven-inches, which I bought when I saw them live a looooong time ago. The releases were simply titled “1” and “2” and the online FLEX discography has a tiny review here and here.

Punk Comps Rock: 400 Day Headache

I used to really like buying punk and hardcore comps, even when I already had the song by the band (or bands) that I already knew. (That seemed to happen quite often, by the way, but some of the more prolific bands–like J Church in this case–would contribute songs not found on other recordings.)

Anyway, here is one that I picked up for J Church and Assfactor 4. It ended up introducing me to Rights Reserved, Tonka, and a few other cool rockers.

More Core... Vinyl Retentive, Share Common Ground, Up for Grabs

Again, it has been a little while since I last uploaded some good hardcore to rock out to. So, to make up for lost time, here is one double LP and two regular LP compilations filled with some awesome songs. The Vinyl Retentive compilation is truly amazing.

Reality Control? Compilations

After quite some time, I’ve decided to get around to taking some stuff off my minidiscs again, converting them to mp3s, and uploading some more music. This time, I’ve decided to revisit some of the cool stuff that John Lyons used to release. (John’s much too busy doing much cooler things these days, so he doesn’t spend time putting out cool records with nice hand-silk-screened covers and so on. I guess we can’t have too much of a good thing, right?)

Anyway, here, I’ve uploaded the two Reality Control? compilations released on Reality Control? Recordings a long time ago.

View the rest of this post to find yourself some music to enjoy!

Viva Los Angeles (II)

I was able to take advantage of some quiet time in the office and upload all of Viva Los Angeles (II) a couple of days ago. So, instead of uploading half now and half later, here’s the entire compilation.

An unexplained feature of this particular compilation is some text in the liner notes about Psi Com, making it seem like you sould expect some music from Psi-Com (featuring Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell) on here… (there isn’t any, though…). But on a related note, maybe some of my Radio Tokyo Tapes comps will be posted here soon.

Read on for the tracklist and to dowload the mp3s….

Viva Los Angeles (I)

This is one of those cool random compilations that I picked up when I was in my “I’m going to collect everything that Savage Republic is on” phase (which, by the way, is probably a lost cause, so I don’t recommend trying it…. It would be like me trying to collect all the random Man Is The Bastard releases out there…. Stick to the official releases since they all rock….).

The Fruit of the Original Sin

I’m not too sure what to say about this release. It is one of the more random things that I ran across in G’pa’s record collection. Over the years it has totally grown on me, and as far as artsy compilations go, I really enjoy this one.

Not a perfect transfer. There are a couple of places where the record sticks and there are a few pops and scratches, but I’ve grown quite fond of them…. As with the other stuff so far, I wasn’t patient enough to separate the tracks. Read more for the complete track-listing.