Compassion and Empathy and Sticks and Stones

For people in a country that is supposed to be based on Gandhian principles of tolerance and pacifism and where people won’t eat meat because all animals are God’s creatures or whatever, most Indians I’ve observed sure seem to have a strange way of showing compassion for animals.

It looks like a special kind of hatred found only in people who may actually be too stupid to know better.

Maybe that’s cruel and exaggerated. After all, they decorate their godly cows so beautifully, right? And worship them at Pongal and paint them in fantastic colors. So how can I say that they’re hateful?

Enter the Sultan...

So, as you can see, I’ve fallen behind on my postings of the Indian vacation by a few days. I just haven’t had time to rename, resize, and upload more photos. Part of it is the same old boring story of having a lot of work to do—especially now that CMF is getting ready to release an updated version of their brochure at the same time that we’re trying to get out another edition of the newsletter—but there is a much better reason….