Reality Control? - Children of Terra

A couple of years ago (yes, years) I posted two Reality Control? compilations. Most people who know anything about Reality Control? know about the label that was run by John Lyons (by the way John, belated happy birthday!) but I’m not sure that too many know that there was also a band called Reality Control? and yes, John was in it for a while. (It was also the name of John’s super cool zine that he should digitize and post online—I can’t do it from here in India unless he wants to send me old copies of all of them….)

David Hanna: Excerpts from the 1990s

I don’t know what much I can say about David Hanna. As I mentioned on the page I created for him at So, sue me already, he would be one person I would love to have in a DWAB live band if there ever were one….

I remember David had moved away after recording the songs for One Final Episode in Our Attempts at Persistence 10” and during the time he was gone, he took a course in music recording. When he came back to Santa Barbara for a short visit, he also lent me a tape with some of the stuff he had been doing.