Song Sketches: Coloring Outside the Lines

After years and years and years, I’ve finally gotten around to getting the existing Song Sketches stuff together and compile a somewhat coherent collection of what we were about. To get an idea, you could start by reading the description of the band at the main part of the 2657 Productions site, but there’s always more to a story, right?

The path towards getting there from here

The Path Towards Getting There From Here is a DWAB song off of the A Very Well-Calculated Lack of Cohesion CD. Amy took this photo of me while I was on the “Toy Train” to Ooty, and I thought that I would have some fun with my Photoshop plugins and make a silly video of myself….

Ooty.... Ooh! Tea!

In February, a bunch of the research associates from the Centre for Micro Finance Research piled into trains to slowly make their way to Ooty to behold the scenic lands, get away from the hectic life of research, and generally have something to write about….

Quiet times on Chennai's roads

My friend, Martin, really wants me to get a motorcycle while I am living in Chennai, India….

A day at the zoo

My cousin, Zoe, came to visit just after Christmas, and one of the things she wanted to do was go to the zoo. I had just gotten my new digital camera, so I tried it out taking some videos too. Then I wanted to play around a bit with some of the effects that could be rendered with Nero and Vegas, so I combined the videos with a song from DWAB’s Silly Songs and Odd Ditties titled “A Day at the Zoo” and this is what you now see.


I’m not much of a Christmas person. I’ve never been particularly big on the day for several reasons, but there are also some things that I do like about it. Most of those things revolve around food—or more accurately—desserts.

This weekend was the cookie-making weekend. My mom and I started mid-morning, and went for several hours making batch after batch of cookies. We made two batches of greasy cookies, two batches of vanilla sugar cookies, and a couple of loaves of chocolate bread. It was good times….