Hugo Publishing on a Cheap Server

A little while back, I mentioned that I ditched WordPress for Hugo. I like the change. There’s something about a folder of markdown files that get quickly converted into nice HTML that I can upload that I like. However, one hiccup that I did have was figuring out the best way to push changes to my site. Using FTP and having to compare each file seemed unnecessary, and I was sure there was a better way. Git would have been perfect, but my cheap webhost doesn’t have it, so I had to find an alternative.

Here’s what I found, partly for sharing, and partly to help me remember in case I forget how I do these things.

The 'koboloader' package for R

The “koboloadeR” R package is designed to make it easy to retrieve data collected using the KoBo Toolbox or other services using the same API (for example, KoBo Humanitarian Response, Ona). Of these, KoBo Toolbox is quite generous with 1,500 submissions per user per month as their limit (and I believe something like 5GB per month for data submissions–like photos, videos, or audio recordings that can be linked to a survey).

The package is available at GitHub. Get it using:


(Note: install_github via @jtilly)

I won’t go into details here about KoBo. It’s an awesome tool for quick mobile data collection. Developing the survey tools is very easy and provides you with a good range of question types. You can collect data while offline and sync it with the server when you have a data connection available. And, you can export data into different forms for analysis later on.

Read on for more details!

The Spaniard

Who was that sitting at the foot of my three-year-old brother’s bed? He wore robes and an old hat—somewhat like a sombrero. His beard was long, grey, thin, and wispy. His fingernails had grown out to the point that they had started to curl. His right hand slowly beckoned to me. It was the “fortnight of the ancestors”, Pitru Paksha. I never knew much about the festival, other than that it was the time when spirits roamed between “the now” and “the afterlife”.

The Playlist of 17 August 2003

12 years ago, on 17 August 2003, Amy and I got married at Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens. Later in the evening, a (relatively) small gathering of our family and friends gathered for a party feast at Cafe Buenos Aires. We were trying to keep costs reasonable. After all, shortly after the wedding, we would be moving across the country to Cambridge, MA, and then, who knew where things would take us.

PAIL: bop kabal

Here’s a Santa Barbara rarity that I’m guessing that very few know about: bop kabal by PAIL–a limited edition, 5 track CD featuring the musical jams of the iG-88/EX-iGNOTA guys and a few others. Pair this with One and the Two for some artsy funtime. intro. alcohol and endless balls variant V1 a space theme epilogue

Adios WordPress

WordPress seemed to fizzle on my site and make everything break, so I decided to use this as an opportunity to try something new: Hugo.

One and the Two

One and the Two

One and the Two

Machine Laments and Bird Songs, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3

I can’t remember exactly when I got the “One and the Two” CDs, but I do remember that Ben Rogers sent them to me. They were part of the limited edition Pro. Con. CDs that were being put out. These were from 2002, each limited to 50 copies.

Mr Razor's Favorite Thing

Every so often, and for no apparent reason, the sly razor demon emerges with a smile and says, “Off with his beard! Off with his beard!” and before I can ask “Why?” my facial hair has disappeared. Today, that happened to me again, and as usual, it was out of my control. I almost didn’t even realize what happened, until I stepped outside and my chin was cold. For your

Picnic With a Gun - Kowalski 14 inch EP

From the liner notes: PICNIC WITH A GUN: An Introduction. As every band is, we are often asked to describe our music. We've done so in a variety of different ways. We've listed our influences, compared ourselves to other bands, and even invited terms like industriopunkrockskafunkpopdanceabilly. All of these things are stupid. We're just PWAG. This is not to say that we've invented some new, cutting edge sound that will soon become the hottest genre.

splitstackshape V1.4.0 for R

After more than a year since splitstackshape V1.2.0, I’ve finally gotten around to making some major updates and submitting the package to CRAN.

So, if you have messed up datasets filled with concatenated cells of data, and you need to split that data up and reorganize it for later analysis, install and load the latest version (V1.4.0) of splitstackshape with:

## [1] '1.4.0'

Read on for details!